Maternal Wellbeing Practitioner Training

8 Lessons



Module 2 - Client Session 1 - Embracing My Matrescence

Deeply connect to your journey into becoming a mother. Understanding the stages of your transition, meeting you where you are now. Learn how to adopt more self-love, and compassion through affirmations.

Module 3 - Client Session 2 - Feeling like me again

Creating daily habits that help you to thrive and reconnect the fragmented bits of self to feel whole, living your everyday feeling fulfilled through taking meaningful, purposeful action.

Module 4 - Client Session 3 - Self-Care to soothe your soul

Establishing your daily gratitude practice for a happy healthy mind and open yourself up to receiving more abundance. Learning to say a positive no with love and compassion, to protect your energy. Putting in that mama self-care time without the guilt.

Module 5 - Client Session 4 - Mama Mindset

Learn how to adopt a healthy mindset for life and manage any unwanted anxious thoughts. Harness the power of journaling to help calm your mind, and create more ease, inner peace, and stillness. Remember, you are in control.

Module 6 - Client Session 5 - Welcoming in Calm, Clarity, & Creativity

Learning ways to embrace the stillness, the inner peace and calm so you can show up as the woman and mother you want to be. Allow yourself to let go and carve out time for creativity and positive play, helping you to do less & be more.

Module 8 – Occupation Practitioner

Putting everything into practice and stepping into your new role